Moving Tips That Minimize Stress

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful event.

Here are some moving tips that can keep the process moving smoothly for you on your next move.

If you ask anyone about their move, it’s very likely that you’ll get an exhausted sigh and an expression of frustration.

Here at Tulsa Solutions Ministorage, we’ve been proud to help residents and businesses here in Tulsa for the last 15 years with their moves.

Here are some things that we’ve learned from those 15 years of helping folks move.

Before you move:

If at all possible, clean the bathroom and the kitchen in your new location before the move begins.

These two spaces are sacred, especially during a move. You will reach a point during the move when the only thing that matters more than sleep is getting fed and being able to get clean.


Start a donation pile.

Set up a specific spot for anything that you no longer want to take with you so that you can just schedule a pick up by your local Salvation Army, or wait until the end and take that load to your local Goodwill.


moving tips jeans

Prep some meals.

A few weeks prior to the move, plan some meals ahead of time so that you don’t have to stop and try to figure out what and where to eat in the middle of the move.

Frozen meals can be especially handy in this situation.

Update those addresses.

Update your address for all major utilities, subscriptions and financial accounts ahead of your move.


Schedule your move during the middle of the week.

Did you know that you can actually get cheaper rates by moving during the middle of the week? It’s true.  You could save some additional money by scheduling your move on a Wednesday.


Be sure to get measurements on all your items to make sure they can fit on your truck, or in your storage unit, and especially in your new home or office location.

moving tips tape measure

Save money on moving supplies:


 Old newspaper is the new bubble wrap.

No need to buy tons of bubble wrap. You can protect fragile items with old newspaper. This one may take some forethought though. You’ll need to scavenge for newspapers ahead of the move to make sure you have enough to get the job done.


movin tips boxes

Colored packing tape is the secret organizer.

Using colored packing tape on boxes can save you a ton of time, and save your wrist from writing “Living room” over and over again on twenty boxes as your handwriting slowly becomes less legible. (Trust me).

Renting? Here’s moving tips how to make sure you get that deposit back:


Take photos.

Make sure anytime your moving in or out of a rental space to take photos. This is your proof of anything existing defects that were there. This can ensure that you don’t get charged for anything unnecessarily.

Dents in the carpet.

You can remove dents in the carpet from furniture with ice cubes. Crazy as it sounds, it works.

Place ice cubes on the dents in the carpet and allow them to melt, then use a spoon to lift up those carpet fibers.

Removing nails from the wall?

Try wrapping a rubber band around your hammer so that it makes an “X” on the top. This prevents the hammer from scuffing your wall while you remove those nails.

moving tips boxes

You can save money on boxes.

By going to local retailers, or even your local grocery store, you can ask for used boxes and save yourself from spending a lot of money on moving boxes.

Need small boxes?  USPS always has free priority shipping boxes in their lobby.  In a jam these can be a life saver.

Save yourself a headache with these moving tips:

A photo is worth 20 headaches being saved

Take a photo of the back of your TV, computer, smart home device, and whatever other electronic devices you have so that you know exactly what wires should go where once you unpack everything.

What’s that stabbing pain?

An actual knife.

Don’t get stabbed.  Save yourself (literally) by putting your knives into oven mitts.

A tiny bit of tape can also help hold them in place.

Another use for paper towel rolls.

Just when you thought you knew it all.

You can string your wires for electronic devices through these cardboard rolls to keep them from tangling. Huge headache saver.


moving tips keys

Avoid the lockout.

With a few rubber bands you can make sure that you don’t get locked out by looping one end around the door handle and the crossing it over the bolt (making an “X”) and then wrap it around the handle on the other side.  The problem of a limited number of keys is now gone.

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